Monday, 6 December 2010


This is going to be a cushion cover, asked for by a friend. (See previous posting, Fuegians, for my first attempt).
This was originally a scan of a set of rub-down letters, still in their packet, used to get some lettering to put on a postcard. I wanted to do something where I moved directly from pixels to stitches, and I just used the mosaic and posterize filters in Photoshop, printed out the result, and stitched from that. What I have got is record of how the characters degenerated through the process, rather that an attempt to make a decent replication of the typeface - Profil I think - in thread. I started out intending to keep the original colours, as far as the shades available from DMC and Anchor would allow, but then I changed my mind, and tried to make a more attractive object by choosing some colours.

The chart.

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