Monday, 6 December 2010


Composed from trademarks, done a long time ago, included now for completeness. There is a clue to my actual identity in this one.


This is going to be a cushion cover, asked for by a friend. (See previous posting, Fuegians, for my first attempt).
This was originally a scan of a set of rub-down letters, still in their packet, used to get some lettering to put on a postcard. I wanted to do something where I moved directly from pixels to stitches, and I just used the mosaic and posterize filters in Photoshop, printed out the result, and stitched from that. What I have got is record of how the characters degenerated through the process, rather that an attempt to make a decent replication of the typeface - Profil I think - in thread. I started out intending to keep the original colours, as far as the shades available from DMC and Anchor would allow, but then I changed my mind, and tried to make a more attractive object by choosing some colours.

The chart.


A pair of yellow leather gloves. Suggested to me by a lady and her daughter in the waiting room at St Thomas' Hospital. Not where you would look for helpful suggestions, and they were not that well designed themselves. They also suggested a matching hat and belt, but I think that is going too far. The pattern is pricked throught the leather with a needle first, having removed the lining.
These were meant to look like they were sewn by elves, but they are actually a bit too big for that. More like they were sewn by gnomes.


A pair of shorts. These are actually a pair of Nike golf trousers cut down.